Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Welcome to Zero Turn Mower Reviews. This site provides complete reviews on some of the best zero turn mowers in the industry and useful lawn care tips for those who simply want a better looking yard to those who want to start a lawn care business.

Top commercial zero turn mowers and residential zero turn mowers will be reviewed to see how they compare against other leading zero turn mower brands like: Ariens, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Hustler, John Deere, Exmark, Simplicity, Snapper, Stanley, Swisher, Toro, and more.

Zero Turn Mowers for Sale: Where to buy your ZTR?

For your convenience, all the zero turn lawn mowers for sale and lawn care products reviewed on this site can be purchased  hassle-free online through trusted and branded retailers like Amazon, Sears, etc. for one or several of the following reasons:

    • Best pricing (usually the best prices are online)
    • Free door-to-door delivery (eliminates delivery charges or truck rental for pick-up)
    • Not sold at all local retailers or city locations
    • Only sold online (some products are only sold online)
    • Online promotions (the cheapest zero turn mowers usually come through online discounts)

If any of you have never  purchased products online you may feel a bit apprehensive about the process; so please exercise the following suggestions to ensure your purchase is a pleasurable and hassle-free experience. (Once you buy online, you’ll wonder why you ever fought traffic and waited in line to buy products that can be delivered to your doorstep.)



Why a Zero Turn Mower?

If you are looking to cut more grass in less time, then you will understand why most professional landscape contractors prefer a zero turn mower over any other lawn mower when it comes to professional lawn care. Typically you can reduce your mowing time by 50-70 % and cut your fuel cost significantly (Maxwell).

Zero Turn Mower “Efficient” Cut Pattern

The major advantage of zero turn mowers come from the ability of the mower to

do a 180 degree isolated spin and the end of a mowing pattern and continue mowing the opposite direction without having to back-up and realign (i.e., push mowers) or make large inefficient looping patterns with traditional riding lawn mowers.

Additionally, the efficiency of a zero turn mowers cutting ability eliminates the need to go over previously cut lawn areas.


Riding Lawn Mower “Inefficient” Cut Pattern

Traditional riding lawn mowers require a larger inconvenient turning radius  which usually includes backing up or mowing multiple passes of grass which is an inefficient mowing pattern that leads to overall mow time and increased fuel consumption.

“Zero Turn Mowers” get their name from the zero-degree-turn-radius (ZTR mowers) they are able to achieve because of their independent wheel motors on each of their rear wheels (one one the left and one on the right).


Throughout this site you will see zero turn mower reviews of various commercial zero turn mowers and residential zero turn mowers, along with zero turn mower attachments such as: aerators, baggers, brushes, dethatchers, dump carts, rollers, snow blades, snow blowers, sprayers, and spreaders.

All the zero turn mower reviews, will give unbiased pros and cons of each mower to help our viewers make a better decision for selecting the right zero turn mower.

Benefits of Zero Turn Mower Ownership

    • Increased Speed and Agility (reduced mow time by 50% or more)
    • Superb cutting ability (increased cutting efficiency)
    • Comfortable
    • Rear Discharge Bag holds significantly more clippings than side bag mowers
    • Numerous attachments available (i.e., baggers, mulchers , dump carts, etc.)
    • Rugged and reliable